Terms & Conditions

Thank you for trusting BEST OF BAHRAIN. By booking a service on our website, we understand that you have accepted its terms of use. Please make sure you understand the terms and conditions. All the conditions mentioned below are applicable for bookings made through our website.

1. Pricing

As BEST OF BAHRAIN we make sure to always offer you economical prices, as well as the possibility of making reservations online via our website. Unless otherwise indicated, the prices listed on our website do not include gratuities given to tour guides or drivers, passport / visa fees, travel insurance, beverages or meals, accommodations, room service, unless this is included in your package. Rates published on our website may change without notice.

2. Modes and confirmation of Payment

We accept almost all major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The total payment must be made by credit card. Customers are required to provide their credit card number information to complete the transaction. This, in turn, will be indicated as a charge on your return.

Once payment has been made, our advisors will send you a confirmation slip by e-mail. Its printing can be produced as proof of payment to the service provider to use the service you have booked. But make sure that you have provided the correct information regarding your needs at the time of booking.


3. Cancellation & No Show Policy

3.1 Cancellation

Each activity / attraction / hotel has its own cancellation policies, before booking an activity with BEST OF BAHRAIN, read the cancellation policy of the chosen service

Visa fees are not refundable once the payment is made on the BEST OF BAHRAIN website.

3.2  NO SHOW

If you do not show up for a reserved service on our website, no refund, partial or total, can be provided. and this for all services provided by BEST OF BAHRAIN

4. Itinerary

The tours and services in your package are subject to change depending on weather / local conditions, as well as many other factors. Should this occur, we may provide appropriate options of similar value, if any, prior to departure. Please note that BEST OF BAHRAIN reserves the right to make minor changes to the itinerary at any time without refund. In addition, no refund can be made in case of natural disaster.

5. Hotel & Check-in – Check-out Policy

If BEST OF BAHRAIN is not able to provide you with accommodation in your preferred hotel, every effort will be made to offer you an appropriate alternative, with a budget and similar standards.

BEST OF BAHRAIN can not be responsible for early or late check-in requests that are not followed by the hotel.

6. Travel Insurance

BEST OF BAHRAIN shall not be responsible for any kind of damages as an outcome of accident, illness, injury during the practice of the activities booked through BEST OF BAHRAIN, or loss of personal baggage or even the cancellation of trip. It is advisable that the traveler should avail of a travel insurance policy to tackle unforeseen events.

7. Travel Documents

It is the responsibility of every guest to ensure that he or she carries documents relevant for a particular tour, including passport or a valid ID card. This is especially important for guests coming from a different country. No refund can be done in the event of loss or lack of these relevant documents. Similarly, passengers – irrespective of their nationality – are advised to check with their respective country´s consulate here to gain information on entry requisites, before they plan to visit here. Equally vital is to inquire with your consulate regarding the current visa and health requirements, as they are subject to change without prior notice.

8. Website Usage Restrictions

All content in this website, including logo, images, information on tour package, pricing details, and other relevant details, are proprietary to BEST OF BAHRAIN. Accordingly, as a condition of this website´s usage, you agree not to exploit this website or its content for any non-personal, commercial, or illegitimate purposes.

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